Let Me Introduce Myself!

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When I was little I used to say, “when I grow up, I will invent a medicine so people will  not die.” I don’t know where the idea came from at such a young age. We had no doctors in our family. I don’t remember any conversations about “old age” or “dying” either. So, I am still wondering how a small child could come up with such an aspiration. I don’t think I will ever know… But I like to think that maybe this idea was the seed for the journey that is now starting to take shape in my life.

I am translating this childhood dream into today’s language. Of course, I know it’s impossible to invent such a medicine. Today my dream is no longer about the medicine. It’s about people who are getting older and going through health-related challenges. It’s about living well and enjoying life despite those challenges.

Over the years I have discovered that helping people persevere through life’s transitions is my true aspiration and starting my own business (and this blog!) is a way to do just that. Following my own values while improving people’s lives and discovering my own authentic voice while serving others – that’s where my journey is taking me!

- by Nina Rubinstein