Product Review: The Best Senior-Friendly TV Remote

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Does your elderly parent often complain that their “TV is not working”? Are they pressing the wrong buttons on the remote control and end up getting to the wrong screen? Sounds like a lot of wasted time and frustration for both of you. This big button TV remote could be a perfect solution.

Below, I will go over it’s features, pros and cons, and some of the other comparable products, and explain why the Flipper Big Button Universal Remote is my best pick for your senior parent.


  • Has only 6 buttons: On/Off, Mute, Vol(+), Vol(-), Ch(+), and Ch(-).

  • Controls 2 devices like TV and cable (or satellite)

  • Works for all major TVs

  • Buttons are large, raised, color-coded, and stand out well against the white background

  • Has a hidden locked panel that allows you to program up to 25 channels

  • 100% money back guarantee as well as 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee


  • Very few buttons >> no more confusion and no more pressing the wrong button

  • Buttons are easy to locate by touch >> good for someone who has numbness in their hands

  • Buttons are easy to see and have good contrast against the background >> good for someone with low vision

  • Larger in size than comparable remotes >> easier to use for someone with arthritis

  • Easy to set up >> won’t take a lot of time out of your day

  • Takes place of both TV and cable remotes >> less remotes means less confusion

  • Programmable >> don’t have to click through all the channels

  • Lock on the programming panel >> no more pressing the wrong button

I love this remote! It obviously solves a lot of problems.

But nothing is perfect. The only downside that I found was its price. It costs $29.95, more than other comparable devices.

I will mention 2 of these devices and some of their features/differences below:

1.     Universal Big Button TV Remote by

  • Only works for 1 device/TV

  • Has a wrist strap

  • Has back-lit buttons

  • Not programmable, have to go up and down all channels

  • Costs $15.95

2.     Large Button TV Remote Control by Tel Pak

  • Only works for 1 device

  • Has back-lit buttons

  • Not programmable

  • Costs $19.99

Both of these devices might be a good option for someone who lives at an assisted living facility, where there is no separate cable box and not that many channels to go through.

Otherwise, my top pick is the TV remote by Flipper. Even though it’s a little more expensive, the price is definitely worth all the extra features and ease of use compared to the other senior-friendly TV remotes available on the market.

Thank you for reading!


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