We provide online coaching/consultations across the US and offer in-home visits in the South/Central New Jersey and the Greater Philadelphia area.


45-min Open Consultation

Are you concerned about your aging loved one’s safety at home, that they would fall and get injured? Consult with a professional to get practical advice, ideas, tips, and resources. Take the first step today to keep them safe.

Home Safety Audit

Are you determined to keep your aging loved one safe at home now and for the long-term? Let’s work out a personalized “to-do” list of practical solutions that are customized for them and fit the budget and lifestyle.


Transition from hospital/rehab

Is your loved one returning home after a hospital or a rehab stay? Get professional and practical advice on how to adapt their home for the smoothest and safest transition and setting up the new routine based on their new needs.

Joint Replacement Transition

Are you getting ready for a hip or knee replacement surgery? Let’s make sure that your house is properly set up for your safe return home and that you are prepared to manage your daily needs during the transition.


For further information or any other questions that you might have, please contact us here or email at info@YourHomeSolutionLLC.com. Thank you for your interest!